We offer the program of the new Summer School will take place from IGOP 17 to the 21 de juny.

17/06/19 Culture and inequality
18/06/19 New leadership neighborhoods
19/06/19 Research Planning and Action (NOTE: afternoon session canceled)
20-21/06/19 Municipalism a transformer?


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free form via issues of capacity

Since 9 years, summer school IGOP tries to be a space for collective reflection and learning to try to respond to current challenges. Social inequalities in our economic and social systems are increasingly evident and are translated into clear processes of urban segregation, where resources and opportunities are distributed unevenly neighborhoods, putting into question the ability of the authorities to ensure equal opportunities.

This year we continue to develop on this issue, not from the analysis of inequalities own, but paying attention to the answers and strategies currently being articulated in our neighborhoods every day to deal with this situation. I want to do it from a different perspective, from the thematic point of view but also from a woman who and how these responses.


Culture and inequality.

17 de juny

Open Meeting of the working group "Culture and inequality in Barcelona".
Location: Civic Center Trinitat Vella, Carrer de la Horadada, 36.

18h: Performance Itinerant There tended Clothing, walk and the forum theater
Trinidad neighborhood . With the presence of:

  • The Association Triniteiros – @elstriniteiros
  • Peluquitas – @ peluquitas.barcino
  • Col·lectiu Old Suitcases – @maletasviejas


New leadership neighborhoods.

Reflect on the formative experiences aimed at empowering community
18 de juny, 16.30h a 20h
Place: School IGOP.
Passeig Urrutia, 17 from Barcelona


Planning and Action Research.

19 de juny
Place: School IGOP.
Passeig Urrutia, 17 from Barcelona


The development of the conference aims to contribute to the development of active projects IGOP.
Firstly reflection and proposals on public policy framed in the project VINE – analyzes
the conditions of vulnerable families with women with part-time work.

AFTERNOON (session canceled)

On the other hand, reflections on action research projects we are promoting from school IGOP

international Conference. Municipalism a transformer?
The experience of Barcelona in perspective

20 i 21 de juny.
Thursday 20 June (9:30 am - 18pm)
Friday 21 June (9:30 to 11:30)

+ information: Jornada 20-21 June
Program: Jornada 20-21 June