School period: October 2021-September 2022

ECTS credits: 60 credits

Organization: Ltd. – UB – UPF – EAPC (Official and Interuniversity Master's Degree)

Places: 30 students

Pre-registration dates: Master's degree website (not yet operational)

Initial presentation session: 30 September 2021

Start of course: 2 d’octubre de 2021 (School of Public Administration of Catalonia, Cr. Girona, 20, Barcelona)


This Master provides the necessary theoretical and methodological tools for students who have an interest in generating analytical knowledge about public management through a research activity., or to practice professionally in the field of public management. Two directions are offered: research and professionalism.

From a multidisciplinary approach, this training provides the knowledge and skills needed to perform the tasks of analysts, consultors, political advisers or public managers who are both in the public sphere, as parapublic or private.

Develop the necessary knowledge and skills that, with a multidisciplinary orientation, allow the student to work as a professional in the field of public management or to engage in research on these topics.


Graduates in all fields of social sciences and, in case of specific interest in public management, for graduates of any field of training

Organization and direction-coordination

Organization: UAB / UB / UPF / EAPC (Official and interuniversity master's degree)

Direction-coordination: Rachel Gallego, Department of Political Science and Public Law (UAB)

Crèdits ECTS

60 ECTS credits to be taken in a single academic year, in two semesters of 30 credits.

They are offered 7 modules of 10 credits, of which students must attend 5 common compulsory modules and choose one of two optional modules. The optional modules are professional internships and research methodology.


46,11€ per credit (EU students or residents). Curs 2020-2021.
75€ per credit (non-EU non-resident students). Curs 2021-2022.


Més informació:
+34 935811221