Lola Association, you are not alone: "We are facing the invisibility of female non-llarisme"

Laia Roldan (Contributor School IGOP)


Lola Association, You are not alone

Homeless Empowerment of women from a feminist perspective and community

Prosperity (Barcelona)



cures, wages and increasing rental prices are the main causes that hinder women's access to housing. Lola, Not alone is an association that was created 2016 New districts to help those women without a home or a decent place to feel safe so they can generate self-help mechanisms, from a feminist perspective and community. The figures indicate that 16% Barcelona homeless are women, but since Lola are clear that these data are not representative and that we have the invisibility of female non-llarisme. How is it possible that in a world where women suffer more discrimination figures only point to a 16%?


The main causes of female non-llarisme

The women, because it was, have more difficulty entering the labor market, often relegated to the tasks of care, besides being worse paid than men. So, in a city like Barcelona, with very high rental prices, it is very difficult to pay the rent of a whole apartment, so often have to search rooms in shared flats.

On the other hand, There are family responsibilities. Today, by Clara Naya, one of the promoters of this project, "the 80% parent families where there is only one adult in charge, is a woman ". Care tasks often involve additional difficulties when they try to rent a room.

Women who are in these situations suffer the stigma of not being a good woman, a victimization after just turning into abuse and harassment by many landlords.



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Who has acut Lola, You are not alone?

Lola, You are not alone works with women who do not have a decent roof or a place to feel safe. It may be people homeless or after long periods in shelters, prisons or hospitals do not have a home. There are also women who live in inadequate spaces (such as local non-living) or unsafe (sharing housing subjected to abuse, by the partner or tenant). These women know, to their condition, if the street will end up worse off than men and therefore strive to find alternatives.

Another problem that is found when attending family or friends looking for host endanger these networks, or to break the dynamics of wear involving. "When a woman just because the street is completely alone", Naya says.


What women find homeless Lola, You're not alone?

This partnership has two areas of action. First, have a flat where four women who were living on the street. Since the company give them a decent home and suitable, paying them rent, light supplies, gas and water and food. In addition, they have registered in the house to have easy access and close to public services.

On the other hand, meet three times a week in a place where they can breakfast, change and leave your belongings. But beyond being a meeting point, also perform various activities such as workshops, defense conference, campaigns to raise hygiene products and training courses for the intervention of non-feminist perspective llarisme, among other things.


A meeting with communitarian and feminist perspective in Nou Barris

Clara explains that Naya "All women who come are marked by experiences of violence". of Lola, You are not alone use feminism as a fundamental tool to seize and are the same women who freely choose what you want to do. The attempt to accompany this process, (De) constructed all together through activities or simply drinking coffee, a very unexpected.

Along with feminism, communitarianism is a cornerstone Lola, You are not alone and the fact of being in the Nou Barris makes these women enxarxament. "The association could not be done elsewhere that were not Nou Barris", Naya says, precisely to facilitate community dynamics involved in the territory. Women in this situation reached a point of great loneliness and in this neighborhood are very diverse spaces in which to engage and build new relationships. In addition, "In another area depends more on consumption for activities, Nou Barris however there are plenty of free leisure activities that let you interact with different people.”


We need better infrastructure, training and data

Facing a future partnership plans to move to larger premises with showers, washing machines and different areas of activity to continue to grow and provide more help and support. Depending on the funding they receive are more likely to carry everything they want and reach more people. currently 30% of its funding comes from the City Council and other private funds.

In relation to its surroundings, of Lola highlights the need for training on gender mainstreaming in universities, and also to Social Services, to help publicize this concealed reality in which they live thousands of women. "A macro data on the number of women who are victims of non-llarisme in Barcelona" a first step would be to give voice to homeless women, Naya defined as those "The invisible in the invisible".