Beyond to host the activities of a research center, (You're in recercadors, Project Meeting, conferences and similar) School IGOP is a project born to create a university where possible social work transfer processes and shared construction of knowledge useful for practice transformation: the build a fairer society, more inclusive and more democratic quality.

The project is always under construction. We know the principles that inspire us and our dedication to research and training. But that does not mean we work with closed programs. We want to keep ourselves open to all kinds of relationships and joint productions with each and all who share our ideals and our desire for action and transformation, fully aware that we must develop specific methodologies: learning from practice, recerca – acció, facilitation of exchanges, transparency and "open source", methodologies and strategies for empowerment,…

Why this school project?

Because live in a crucial moment of historical change and need thoughts and views on this change transferred documents and more academic and reach all people and stakeholders who wish to participate and there and tell her.

Because we want the space to become academic "public space", and he made his people to collectively, to generate empowerment processes based on collective construction of knowledge and projects.

Because this project will make sense as we are able to generate employment opportunities and links with other institutions and organizations within and outside the university, with individuals, and our immediate environment.

Because we recognize that many of our goals ahead we incorporate new learning, new capabilities, new languages ​​and new methods that we do not have, but we know that already being developed in our environments; with whom we interact at the local level and with a clear exchange.


1. Reference center for training community

Through the organization of seminars, talks and courses, School is becoming a reference center for training for community action. The School coordinates Master Degree in "Social Policy and Community Mediation", all work and relational ties that keep the territory administrations, public services and civil society organizations, capital are becoming a prime view to build a range of practices and case analyzes highly valued, both students, universities as partners in the project.

2. Building a comprehensive range of collaborative entrepreneurship training.

The course 2013-2014 we started offering a comprehensive training program for collaborative entrepreneurship, hand in hand with social and economic agents who can bring experience and content to the program. We are working with several companies, organizations and cooperatives (bet Labcoop-ECOS Group; Communia - Ateneo Candela, Secular and Progressive Movement, CRIC; …).

We have also offered the course of Postgrau en cooperative economy (5 editions)

We will complement the study offer with a parallel offer of continuing education and open education.

3. Knowledge Circle

Circles are open to all areas of reflection that, focusing on a specific issue, promote joint reflection from readings, presentation of experiences, searches, etc.. Both people involved circles as the coordinating and stimulating do voluntarily. Circles are experiences of self-organization and it is through them that the school becomes a public space for the exchange of knowledge.

4. Summer School IGOP

Each estiu, the first week of July, do summer school. A special moment for us, where intensify relations, ties are provided and generated projects.

5. Involved in the neighborhood

We contact the authorities and institutions of the district and the district (and beyond!). We are part of the committee to combat poverty in the district of Can Paguera; collaborate with district and community plans with various services, facilities and institutions

6. Public space

Last year, eg, We hosted a workshop at the school of public participation organized by the city of Barcelona; some internal workshops PAH, and the first seminar to Promote Local agroecological, organized by the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Catalonia and Ecologists in Action.

7. A school at UAB

We seek cooperation in the UAB research teams and institutes who want to share this adventure with us. To date we are in contact with the power of interpretation, MIRAS where the research group aims to provide a degree of interpretation and translation services to the public; with ICTA, to prepare a proposal for postgraduate training in boosting local agroecological, conjunction with the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Catalonia and Ecologists in Action .



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