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a collaborative learning experience for collective initiatives, amb manufacturing vocació, facilitating reflections and tools to face the challenges of everyday. Estarter is an initiative from the School of IGOP which has members 10 different institutions: IGOP-UAB, CRIC (editors Options), Bet, LabCoop, Hobest Consultora, RAI, Can Masdeu, Catalan Federation of NGOs, ETCS Cooperative and Cooperative Thread the Needle.

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Whenever we hear more talk but to take, and general, is presented as an individual action when initiating collectively can present more advantages: sharing knowledge, qualities, means, have more network, ens donem suport mutu… In addition, the current systemic crisis, undertaking may mean, precisely, do so with the intention of transforming. Often, heard of good ideas and good teams that were unsuccessful experiences to organizational problems, of comunicació, lack of strategy or feasibility, lack of visibility or not knowing "sell"….

So our proposal to offer practical tools and knowledge to promote joint projects in environments of scarcity-based logic collaboration and firmly anchored in values.

A innovadora training proposal combining three pedagogical methods:

  1. Theoretical and practical training part of a teaching team (training mode),
  2. Training Collaborative between students / participants projects (rolled-up mode) and
  3. Personalized training (Modality Support Project) ...

And is based on ... 4 modules (integrated but independent) that are performed on Fridays and weekends between 10 January and 23 of maig.

Training ...

The training modules (known as fields) are divided into four areas:

  • Invisible Sphere. What is not, relationships that weave group and condition every day.
  • Visible Sphere. What is, we want it to look, you communicate overseas.
  • Sphere tangible. What makes us tangible, accounts, taxes, cash flow, certified legal ...
  • Sphere thinkable how we think and believe; our organization.

Visits ... (collaborative learning)

In addition to the training modules, in the program also offer starter Friday collaborative where different professionals, organizations and groups visit us to tell us their experiences and experiences by way of inspiration ... This year s'arremanguen ... How has the organizational experience in PAH since its founding? Ada Colau i Ernest Marcthe, Co-founders of Platform of People Affected by Mortgages. If we returned to start and what you would like different cooperatives and the social economy? Joan Lluís Journet,co-founder and former manager of the cooperative collective Round over 100 employees and partners 35 years of history; Jordi Your co-founder and head of project development of the Cooperative Insurance ethical bow 30 years of history. Both are co-founders of the Solidarity Economy Network. We know to look for ethical finance our projects? Jordi Ibáñez, assessment projects Fiare Ethical Banking and head of the technical committee Coop57. How to create the conditions for a new policy from collaborative and cooperative experiences? Joan Subirats, political science professor and Fernando Pindado expert lawyer associations and former deputy director of citizen participation in Government. How to communicate inside and out? Marc Roselló We are responsible for communicating and Energy Daniel Vilaró Amnesty International's communication manager Catalonia.

For more information please download the attached materials: the flyer of 2 pages with basic information about the project; the document of 8 pages with the main aspects of the proposal and file of 20 pages with all the information currently available. And if what you want is to join the project, you can make it through this FORM

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