Here are the spring seminars that will take place between the IGOP and the DEC group faculty of CC.PP of the UAB.

They are free open seminars without prior registration.

IGOP spring seminars


02/03/2022 – 13:00h
Title: Seminar with Dan Silver (Manchester University) and his article “Situated and Collaborative Theory Building for Social Transformation: Lessons from WEB Du Bois and Jane Addams.”
Author: Dan Silver
Place: Boardroom of the Department of Political Science


11/05/2022 – 13:00h
Title: “Research in vulnerable contexts and territories: the experience of the M’Boi Urban Research Station (São Paulo). – Brazil)"
Author: Fernando Burgos Pimentel
Location: IGOP (MRA Building)


25/05/2022 – 12: 30h (double session)
1,5 hours
to determinate

“Citizenship, Extreme Events and Public Policies”

Per: José Manuel Mendes (University of Coimbra, researcher at the Center for Social Studies and coordinator at the Observatory of Risk – OSIRIS)
Promote knowledge, attitudes and practices of sustainability for climate emergency in schools” (Brief introduction to the ECF4CLIM project)
Per: Ana Prades (Director of the CISOT-CIEMAT, Socio-Technical Research Center, of the Energy Research Center, Environmental and Technological).


04/06/2022 – 12: 30h
Title: “Fikirtepe and Çukurambar Examples as Different Manifestations of Neoliberal Urbanisation
Author: Zarif Songul Goksel
Location: IGOP (MRA Building)




02/05/2022 – 13:00h
Author: Margarita Torre (UC3M)
Title: “Does gender parity foster collaboration? Examining gender homophily trends in scientific publications, 1980-2019”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Eva Anduiza
DEC Seminar


09/05/2022 – 13:00
Author: Laia Castro (UIC / UZH) TBA
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Guillem Rico