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L'Estarter al Programa Latituds del Canal 33

Choke Latitudes Channel Program 33

There is another way of undertaking, que s’allunya de la figura convencional de l’emprenedor individual: l’emprenedoria col·lectiva. A commitment to values ​​such as teamwork and social transformation. No et perdis el programa Latituds dedicat a l’emprenedoria social i al projecte ESTARTER . El trobaràs a:
Presentem Estàrter

Introducing Estarter...

What starter? information in spanish here a collaborative learning experience for collective initiatives, amb manufacturing vocació, facilitating reflections and tools to face the challenges of everyday. Estarter is an initiative from the School of IGOP which has members 10 different institutions: IGOP-UAB, CRIC (editors Options) ...