Between 19 i the 22 April took place in Barcelona the first edition of the Barcelona Gov courses, among them the “Public Social Policies”, and the activities that generated more expectations was the visit to the experience of Community action in the district of Roquetas Health.

This activity, carried on 21 April, van watch a total of 20 students, basically professionals and technicians of various local institutions and Catalonia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, as well as other cities in.

The session began at the School of IGOP a talk by Carme Borrell on health inequalities. Then we went to the district of Roquetas.

The headquarters of the Community Plan, was our first stop. There, the technical community and Amparo, President of the association of neighbors activist Plan, we could share with us strategies developed health promotion projects, as the "more with less" or "grandma's remedies".

Then we visited the singer and CAP Roquetes Roquetes Library, both enriching visits, which gave us the involvement of the entire team of the center and the incorporation of social limitations as a tool for improving emotional health. Next to the library shows the resources generated by its own residents together with professionals to work these aspects of emotional health.

The subsequent discussions with students suggest that he was one of the activities they most hit. these students, many health professionals from different parts of the world, conveys the discovery that they had been to see how it could work in cooperation logics that enable collaborative work between residents and professionals, to generate and optimize asset health district to improve the quality of life of people.

L'attitude, l'energia, and the results shared vision and told when to intervene, that really permeates throughout the Primary Care Team of Roquetas, from management, nurses passing by doctors, and social worker serving in consultation, was one of the most important elements by students. The conclusion drawn is that to work in community health is not just going to meetings with neighbors, and / or participate in projects that they do, it is envisioned that the neighborhood is full of active health (library, civic Centre, youth centers, Children and the elderly, sports fields, neighborhood association, among other agents and organizations …) And the CAP Roquetes singer, is one of them, that health care and this can be done from the district, and put it up is possible as we demonstrated in the district of Roquetas.