Maybe you know that throughout this year 2012 we carried out, a l'Escola de l'Igop, a project of collective construction of knowledge about "the public debate as a tool for improving the quality of democracy".

We published a small notebook the findings of this project, as well as you can find Video the discussion between teachers and Bobbio Vallespín This past that we organized 18 October to present the work done, and also announced that discussions and collective construction of knowledge about improving the quality of democracy, continue to School IGOP.



From this November, until June, the last Thursday of every month, We invite everyone who wants, to participate in the cycle "Debates on democracy and political community". The intention is to trying different dimensions and perspectives of democratic quality collectively, in order to build a solid enough speech and ability to guide our political practices.



Session: Direct Democracy (Part 2)
Day: 31/01/2013
Time: 18h
Location: School IGOP

We find everyone those who want, on Thursday 31 January at 18pm, a l'Escola de l'Igop. This day will talk about Direct Democracy: What is that direct democracy, only referendums? Referendums are the solution? How and why a referendum? What the Swiss experience teaches us?


See you there!

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