Us informem que estem preparant una nova sessió del Laboratori de serveis socials per al dia 5 April, about the topic “Empowerment as a strategy for the transformation from Social Services”, we asked to coordinate the companion Sara Berbel, What's grateful to have agreed to take charge of the session. We are currently specifying the experiences that participate, but by the time you report date, theme, a brief description of the purpose and introductory Sarah and Elena Massanes.

Title: “Empowerment as a strategy for the transformation from Social Services”

Date: 5 April

Schedule: of 16.00 a 18.30h

Place: Escola de l’IGOP [Com arribar]

Passeig Urrutia, 17- 08042 Barcelona

Objectiu de la sessió: Get posing experiences that develop in center for people suffering from situations of risk of exclusion or the professionals working with them to work. It is good practice to identify new methodologies and distribution of power horizontally so that users of social services to acquire prominence in control of their own lives.

Material: :


Admission is free. NO és necessària inscripció prèvia.