Socially innovate to meet the needs of people



We are in a deep systemic crisis, and it seems that neither state nor market have reliable solutions to the problems of people who are suffering the most. That is why so much talk of social innovation? As a call to the company for which s'espavili and find solutions on their own? This may be the reason for some of the "socially innovative", But innovation can also mean, further to cover the gaps left by the state and the market, plantejar alternatives for the text l'status quo, redefining institutional roles, and helping to transform power relations in society, the economy and politics.

In the 3rd Summer School IGOP present some of the challenges and practices that make up the diverse field that hides the idea of ​​social innovation. The aim is to meet people's experiences and making things organized to meet your needs, and analyze the conditions under which these experiences can succeed; but also see what the possible contradictions, tensions, opportunities and problems perceived in its development.

Basic information

Dates: the 30 de juny al 4 of juliol of 2014

Timetable: of 16:00h a 20: 30h

Place: School IGOP, Ateneu La Flor de Maig i altres espais pendents de confirmació.

Prices: 60€ (Modalities A: 1,5 elective credits) 30 € (category B: Summer School IGOP).

Registration: must register through the following link and expected response with instructions for payment of tuition.

Organized School IGOP, Districts and Crisis, Estarter, Ateneo La Flor de Mayo, Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Catalonia, Ateneu Candela Terrassa (pendent confirmació).







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