In any project should be considered: What is (Marketing and communications), what it is (Relationships and emotions), which is touched (viability plan, swings, certified legal) and what you think (Organization and strategy).

After the success of the first edition we have prepared starter 2015.

  • If you are in any emprenedoria, initiative or project group and feel the need for tools, ideas, Media … to further develop.
  • If you are a beginning or circling and want a boost, an excuse to get, a network where support …
  • If you do not have a plan but would like some time to kick some collective enterprise and want to accumulate strength, ideas, Inspiration, one …


And sigui to earn a living, or transform our context, or experiment with other possibilities … or all at once, You may starter !!

We provide a background where we value the, practices and experience of university spaces, social movements and associations, Entorn cooperativista of the solidarity economy. In the mix there is strength.

Begin after Christmas but since registration opened. Join before 30 november

lowSee the Video with testimonials from participants of the first edition.

You can also know the details on our website: and follow us on social networks labeled with #estarter