dijous 3-7-2014 innovació social i tecnologiaCurrently, a series of initiatives, from citizen activism to new institutional policies, are exploring the idea that citizens can organize to design city taking control of public spaces and deciding on their use, their role and taking charge of their management. As a counter-narrative to the idea of ​​corporate vertical "Smart City", arise different types of practices that explore the concept of "Smart Citizens", in which the use of online and mobile technologies used to create a hybrid model of city organization and reshape urban spaces. However, against a city ruled vertically, What role does technology in the processes of social innovation? Technology is an agent that increases social emancipation or device that acts as a fetish and erases social problems?

Coordination meeting, openness and moderation of the table:

Ruben Martinez, IGOP-UAB researcher. Member The Hydra Cooperative www.lahidra.net i Foundation of Commons http://fundaciondeloscomunes.net

With the participation of:

Common, cooperative project focused on P2P devices, Free software and free access to knowledge http://www.communia.org

Júlia López Future, coordinator Smart City Strategy in Barcelona City Council

José Luis de Vicente, Researcher cultural, comissari Artístic the periodista. Founding member of www.zzzinc.net

The session will be held at the Multipurpose Room of the Ateneo de Candela Terrace (Sant Gaietà, 73. 08221 Terrassa. + info: http://ateneucandela.info/node/25). Acte Obert, es the need inscripció.