Lately we have been working hard to get the official Master in Social Policy and Community Action and we can report that the current program is pending approval by the Agency for Quality in the University System of Catalonia (AQU). We hope that this will be approved in April – May 2016 and becomes official.

El Màster en Polítiques Socials i Acció Comunitària es presenta com a una proposta professionalitzadora i de recerca construïda des de l’abordatge de les politiques públiques i l’acció comunitària. This training proposal combines the acquisition of knowledge and skills with the participation of academic and professional faculty, and uses the casework to make a complex and participatory approach to the reality of the territory

If you are interested / a Master Degree in, leave us Your contact details so that we can notify you as soon as we open registration

Et convidem també a veure el vídeo explicatiu del màster (edició 2015-2016) que trobaràs al següent enllaç: as well as to visit our website where you will find additional information about the master and other organized activities from School.

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