Below we give you key information regarding the planning and organization of the Official Master's Degree in Public Policy and Community Action for the course. 20-21:


Registration will be online and will be done on the day 28 de setembre. A few days before we will send an email to pre-registered students with the form to fill out and send the enrollment application.


Start of course:

Classes will start the day 7 d’octubre de 2020.


Classroom attendance:

It is planned, if sanitary conditions permit, than monitoring the teaching of the modules 1, 2, 3 i 4 is done in person in the classrooms. Students who wish can follow the classes by streaming, both live and deferred to facilitate the possibility of studying these modules from anywhere in the world.

The teaching of the modules 5, 6 i 7 in the second semester they will be carried out only with the face-to-face modality, if the sanitary conditions allow it and always following the norms of health for the prevention of the Covid-19.


Space limitation:

For health reasons related to Covid-19, this year the planning of the use of the classrooms must be made subject to a triple restriction: capacity of the classrooms of the 50%, a minimum of 1m of interpersonal distance and use of a mask by all students. The first semester, depending on the number of students who opt for the face-to-face modality, we will organize the group and if this is greater than the capacity established for health reasons, we will opt for simultaneous teaching (a teacher, two classrooms and computer transmission) or by the follow-up of the classes in alternating regime (half of the group will teach in the classroom on Mondays or Wednesdays and the rest of the group will follow the streaming session)