We invite you to two proposals that we believe may be of interest:

CHOKE-CASP43Estarter at center - 3 December 2014 | 18h.

You know we have extended the registration at a reduced price for the project until the estarter 15 December ???

Right!! And we are pleased to invite you next 3rd Desembre to talk about it 3 That will be at Barcelona's Heart, to the at Casp street, 43 – Local de Labcoop, Cric and Hobest, project's co-organizers. It will be at 18pm. The event is open, no prior registration required.


DEST-the-shelfMondragon and "El Tinter" at Estarter 12 December 2014 | 17.40h.

And while waiting for the start, January, the second edition of the starter we are not folded arms! by day 12 December we will visit "El Tinter" to warm up and to better understand the philosophy starter…

Cooperative "El tinter" – 17: 40h Street flat 10, Barcelona

We will visit "El Tinter" (www.eltinter.com), a Joint Labor at Horta district dedicated to graphic works under criteria ecoedition, and dir, minimizing the environmental impact of its production activities.

There, Angel Panyella, The founder of "El tinter" and Jordi Panyella, soci d’El Tinter i de Pol·len edicions (www.pol-len.cat), born as a cooperative publishing brand The Tinter and now has become a cooperative independent, although still practicing ecoedition.

In addition, Pollen editions manages space Contrabandos which is an example of innovation in collaborative ways to ally different companies (in this case the publishing sector).

That will be at 17: 40h at , Carrer la Plana 10, (Barcelona). If you prefer we will meet also at Metro Horta (L5) at 17: 30h.

University of Mondragon – 18: 30h Escola de l'IGOP

After visiting el Tinter, we will walk towards the school IGOP (which is about 15 minutes walking). There you will have the visit of three students from the University Mondragon (referring to the Cooperative Basque university education) that will explain their experience in 3 bearing years by training in leadership and entrepreneurship.

With all of them (El tinter and Mondragon) we will have a debate / conversation about two key issues for any project:

  • How to manage difficult time at projects? How to know when to leave out?
  • How consider the transformative dimension of our projects?

After the conversation, at 21h, will go to dinner 3Voltes Rebel (Casal Popular de Nou Barris).

We hope that these proposals will encourage you. Just come directly 3 December Casp street, 43 and 12 December at 17: 40h to Carrer la Plana 10, (Barcelona) has the 18.30h Escola IGOP. No prior registration required.

You'll find all the information about these activities on the project on our website: http://estarter.cat/


Want to know more?? , have a look at the Videos!!