We still active

Dear, welcome,

Home recent communications from the Management and the declaration of state of alarm for the management of health crisis caused by Covidien-19, be informed that from IGOP have enabled the necessary measures in order to continue to provide our services with the form of telework.

We reorganitzan institutional agendas, virtually maintaining those meetings or calls for postponing non-urgent and necessary. We will be updating information through websites and IGOP School IGOP.

Given the exceptional nature of the situation, during the period of confinement will assist the efforts for learning. We therefore ask that you contact us if you're targeting the different units and services (management, administration, coordination, etc.) by email. You can find the contact details of our staff at the following link: https://igop.uab.cat/igop/


We appreciate your understanding while we believe the situation is complex / since we get out.