Un any més, from the School of IGOP participate in the summer activities of the ICE (UAB), this time we do the course B1. Town and social transformation. A look des del cinema (With elective credits recognized by the Education Department). See you there!

The city and the cinema

The cinema has always inquired about social issues from different perspectives and aesthetic. But if there is an undeniable link from its origin is the city scene and object of attention. Audiovisual production on the urban reality is multiple and has been from very different perspectives. This allows us to investigate and reflect on one of the social phenomena that define our times: to live in cities.

Thus, from l'Excel·lent material provides the cinema ens, The course aims to explore how social changes that have been happening in recent years an impact on our everyday generating new ways of living conflicts, the inequality, ties, political and social transformation. From here it is reflect on the complexity of the challenges associated with living in the contemporary cities.

Each session will have a similar scheme: an introduction to the topic, the screening of the film and the second part will be devoted to discussion among participants and specialists in the subject.


  • To reflect the growing complexity of social and urban and its multiple dimensions
  • Invited to discuss different ways of living and understand cities
  • Propose a comprehensive approach in the form of responses to urban problems
  • Invite critical reflection on innovative targets and instruments of urban policy
  • Stimulate critical analysis of the social approach to the experiences and / or innovative approaches

Evaluation procedure

Continuous assessment. Will consider assistance, participation in the sessions and reflect on some of the topics covered in each session.

Coordination: Mariela Iglesias and Joan Subirats of the Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGOP) UAB.

Staff: Mariela Iglesias (IGOP-UAB), Joan Subirats (IGOP-UAB) and other invited specialist teachers in each subject.

Calendars: the 30 de juny al 4 of juliol of 2014.

Schedule: of 16:00 a 20:00h.

Duration: 20 h.

Location: School IGOP. Passeig de Urrutia, 17, 08042 Barcelona.

Price: 90 € (group discount 75 €).

Registration: http://bit.ly/Ciutat_i_Cinema

+ Info: School IGOP. igop.bcn@uab.cat / Tel .: 93 407 62 03 / http://escoladeligop.com/

For detailed information on course program:

Town and social transformation

Program Course B1