Urban governance and city policies
Course Winter School BarcelonaGov.
Dates: 23, 24 i 25 de gener de 2019.
Location: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Ciutadella Campus)

Academic coordination: Ismael Blanco and Salazar Yunailis (Institute of Government and Public Policy - UAB).
Information and inquiries: yunailis.salazar@uab.cat


We present a course of three days to reflect, exchange experiences and discuss about the production of public policies in cities.

Contrast the experience of Barcelona with other cities in Spain and around the world to reflect on the opportunities and challenges posed by public-private relations and public-community in the production process urban policies.

The activity will take place throughout 3 dies, each of which is divided into two sessions (morning and afternoon) revolve around a specific theme: 1) Governance in the context of plural governance; 2) Metropolitan governance and social inequalities; 3) City and globalization; 4) Empresarialisme smart cities and urban; 5) Participatory democracy and the right to the city; 6) And neighborhood social movements: social economy and urban common.

Throughout the sessions will combine three types of activities: 1) keynotes by people renowned in the subjects treated; 2) Seminars by experts and reference people in their professional field; 3) roundtables to present the contrasting experiences of other cities Barcelona.


You can download the program at this link (CAT)


Day 1 / 23 gener

Morning: From local government to urban governance: challenges for public management.

Amb Vivien Lowndes (Institute of Local Government Studies INLOGOV, RU); Jacint Jordana (UPF-IBEI); Miguel Salvador (UPF); Laura De Caralt (City Council); Gala Pin (City Council), Nacho Murgui (Madrid City Council) and Maria Oliver (Ayuntamiento de Valencia).

Afternoon: Metropolitan Governance

Amb Enzo Mingione (University of Milan-Bicocca); Maite Pérez (IERMB); Oriol Estella (PEMB); Mariona Tomas (UB); Ricard Gomà (IERMB - IGOP), Agustín Hernández Aja (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid), Angelino Mazza (University of Naples Federico II) the Charlotte Vorms (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne).


Day 2 / 24 gener

Morning: City and globalization: the world cities and towns in the world.

Amb Eva García Chueca (CIDOB); Robert Kissack (IBEI); Lorenzo Gabrielli (UPF); Jaime Palomera ((IGOP UAB – La Hidra Cooperativa); Oriol Nel·lo (UAB), Luis Romero (University of Valencia) and Helena Cruz (IGOP – IERMB).

Afternoon: Intelligent Cities, social and digital innovation

Carles Ramie (UPF); David Sancho (UPF); Marc Pradel (UB); Ricard Espelt (UOC); Pilar Conesa (Smart City Expo), Anna majority (City Council), Manu Fernandez (Researcher and consultant).


Day 3 / 25 gener

Morning: Participatory Democracy and the right to the city.

Amb Hilary Wainwright (Transnational Institute, RU); Arnau Monterde (Barcelona City Council - UOC); Carol Galais (UAB); Yanina Welp (University of Zurich); Pindado Fernando (City Council), Ernesto Ganuza (CSIC), Patricia Martínez i Delicia Aguado (Aradia Cooperative).

Afternoon: Social Movements and neighborhood: social economy and urban common.

Jonathan S. Davies (De Montfort University, RU); Ana Muñoz (Coopolis); Ana Mendez (The University of Sheffield, RU); Igor Calzada (University of Oxford, RU); Sandra Ezquerra (UVic), Chem Brugué, (UdG) i Claudia Delso (A Coruña Council).


You can download the program (ES)

Winter Course provisional agenda BarcelonaGov