The Graduate Cooperative Economy, aims to generate knowledge, release contribution Company economy cooperative a the reduction poverty, the generation of I work worthy, the sustainability and the cohesion social and, especially, form people experts in different aspects of the management of enterprise economy cooperative and its environment political, economic and social

BASIC DATAOpen admissions

Calendar: 23 October 2014 – 18 June 2015
Hours: Jueves de 9.30h 15.30h to 18.00h to 14.00h two y


Joan Subirats
Institute of Government and Public Policy - UAB
Department of Political Science and Public Law (UAB)
Albert Recio
Department of Applied Economics – Ltd.


Òscar Rebollo (IGOP – Ltd.)
Jordi Daumal (Aposta, Escola Empresarial Cooperativa)

Price: 2.000 EUR + Rate of 30 € at the Autonomous University of Barcelona
Registration and more information: 93.407.62.03 | igop.bcn@uab.cat


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