MARGARITA LEON. Saskia Sassen has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Social Sciences. It is the third woman to receive the award more than thirty editions and is the only academic on the list of the ten most cited social scientists internationally as ranked ISI. Thankfully the jury, both of last year, which was awarded the philosopher Martha Nussbaum, like this, their efforts to make visible the work of outstanding scientific discipline raises a number of women.

L'minutes of highlights of Saskia Sassen jurat “their contribution to urban sociology and social dimensions of analysis, economic and political globalization”. Since we mean this award Urban Track, for their valuable contribution to the study and understanding of the changes and transformations taking place in cities, spaces where social inequalities are manifested in its most crude, but also emerge meeting places and possibilities for social transformation. The contributions of both theoretical and analytical Saskia Sassen ( Have gone beyond the boundaries of disciplines happily as human geography, her urban sociology, sociology of migration, political science, political economy and to establish a dialog to move beyond the often excessive academic parcel.lació. With the strength of those who have been able to anticipate changes in the depth of our time, Sassen insists on the need to understand the complex dynamics both creative and destructive globalization in the economic and financial, political, urban, social and prior to the construction of alternatives. In these scenarios present and future, cities and regions where they are located become new frontier areas, recover their role and their place in the new geopolitical able to recover, of relocalitzar, in the words of Sassen, economic and productive systems.

Ultimately, its critical perspective toward the very idea of ​​'global city’ that she coined, cap al finance capitalism, to regulation of migration flows, and more recently to the austerity policies imposed by the European Union, makes it a unique reference for all those people and groups, making use of the opportunities that offer networking and media both local and global, demanding a more livable urban, fairer, more human.